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Expedition Communications Adds the Winegard VSAT Antennas to its Selective Products Portfolio

LONG BEACH, Calif. and BURLINGTON, Iowa – Expedition Communications, which installs and maintains communication systems equipment worldwide, and Winegard, a global leader in antenna design, development, and manufacturing, today announced they have formed a partnership that enables Expedition to recommend, sell and install Winegard’s line of VSAT antenna systems.


Expedition Communications installs VSAT systems for organizations in the military, government, non-profit organizations, and commercial sectors worldwide. For these companies and government agencies, VSAT represents the best, if not the only, option for creating an enterprise communications network with connectivity to remote or mobile sites or temporary venues.


“We have noticed that our prospective and current customers are increasingly implementing and asking us about Winegard’s products, so we would like to have Winegard as an arrow in our quiver,” said Anthony Herrera, Vice President of Operations at Expedition Communications. “We understand workmanship and quality, and we know the combination of Winegard’s products and our expertise will enable us to deliver those qualities to our customers.”


When location or technological difficulties make traditional methods of communication not feasible, VSAT antennas can provide Internet and phone connectivity to that “last mile.”


The Winegard WX Series antennas are capable of stowing in a folded position for easy travel on the roof of emergency vehicles, trailers and tour buses. Developed by the Winegard Mobile Broadband Division, the WX series features the industry’s strongest, most rugged actuators and motors, allowing for maximum reliability and fastest acquisition times in even the most extreme environments.


“The design of our WX Series products makes the installation and maintenance simple and efficient for the experts at Expedition Communications,” said Tim Conrad, Mobile Broadband Product Manager, Winegard. “The components are self-contained and weatherized, so failure rate is extremely low and replacement will be easy because they’re modular components. We can help ensure Expedition keep its well-earned reputation for keeping projects on budget and on time, no matter what.”


Like all Winegard products, the WX Series antennas are manufactured at the company’s Burlington, Iowa-based headquarters. For more information about Winegard and its VSAT antenna collection, please visit


About Expedition Communications
Expedition Communications is an-award winning Veteran-Owned Small Business Company and global integrator of Satellite Teleport and VSAT network systems. Expedition Communications was founded with the vision of providing reliable and affordable satellite telecommunications systems and support services to military, government, non-profit organizations and commercial customers across the globe.

Expedition Communications capabilities and flexibility is allowing the cost effective opening of new market opportunities for our customers and meeting the challenges of large businesses around the world.

Expedition Communications operates at the heart of the broadcast, satellite and mobile communications markets. The company is at the forefront of innovative services and integration solutions in the digital world and has created a worldwide footprint of satisfied customers.

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