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Case Study: Cord-Cutting on the Rise

cortarelcableThinking about cutting the cord? You’re not alone! A recent report, conducted by Experian Marketing Services, reveals that the number of Americans that no longer subscribe to cable is steadily growing. In the last four years, it increased 44 percent, totaling 7.6 million homes across the country.


On top of that, of all the homes that subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, 18.1 percent are considered to be cord cutters. The report also shows that if at least one resident of any household owns a smartphone or tablet, their chances of being a cord cutter increase by 20 percent, since users will use their devices to watch streaming video through apps like CNN, Netflix and YouTube.


What’s bringing about this change? Rising cable costs. The average cost for standard cable runs at around $85 per month, while both Netflix—the streaming-only plan—Hulu are a mere $8 per month.


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