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14 ways Winegard is boosting recycling, increasing energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint


Waste reduction and recycling


Paper and plastic


Winegard is making waste reduction of paper and plastic a key component of its sustainable manufacturing process.


1). Winegard is recycling 99% of corrugated packaging coming from suppliers.


2). The plastic scraps including the sprue and runner drops from injection molded parts and plastic reels are sent to the recyclers to be used in other products.


3). Large plastic sacks are saved from the landfill so that they can be used to make powder coat paint.


Scrap metal and petroleum products


All metals and waste petroleum products generated in Winegard’s manufacturing process are sorted and recycled.


4). In 2014, Winegard recycled approximate 2500 gallons of oily waste.


5). Each month, approximately 400 tons of galvanized steel and 8000 lbs. of aluminum are sent to recycling.


Energy Efficiency


Winegard devoted substantial effort towards the environmentally-friendly construction of the company’s new manufacturing facility. The following energy-saving items have been installed throughout Winegard’s office, warehousing and manufacturing space:


6). High efficiency LED lighting is combined with a computer-controlled dimming system to schedule the features for all interior and exterior lights.


7). High efficiency HVAC using economizer systems are tied into the building management system to reduce the load on the mechanical cooling system and improve indoor air quality.


8). Custom insulated wall panel units on the entire facility exterior result in higher R-value standards. The higher the value of R, the better the effectiveness of the building’s insulation.


9). Low E reflective panels for all exterior glass resist all three types of heat transfer: convection, conduction and radiation.


10). Air reclaiming system using heat generated from the compressor room assists in heating of the plant during cooler seasons and exhausting heat in summer months.


11). Isolating the warehouse using high speed overhead doors going into the production area cuts down on the energy needed to keep the environment comfortable for the employees.


12). The large boiler for the E-coat system was replaced with three smaller boilers to cut down on energy usage.


Air Quality


13). In addition to reducing the company’s energy usage, Winegard replaced four gas powered fork lifts with four electric fork lift units during 2014.


14). The company now has 12 electric fork lifts and two gas powered fork lifts.

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