Anser Portable Satellite Antenna

Dish Pointing Made Simple

The Winegard mobile app makes it easy to set the elevation on your Carryout Anser antenna. No more messing with elevation maps or trying to find the answer buried deep in your satellite receiver. Let the app do the work for you using your phone's own GPS using our simple interface.

Find The Elevation – 3 Easy Steps

Setting the elevation on your Carryout Anser is easy, and using our new app makes finding the correct elevation setting quick and painless!


Step 1 – Select “Elevation Guide”


Step 2 – Select your service provider – DIRECTV, DISH or BellTV


Step 3 – Select the satellite you are trying to receive


That’s it! The app will tell you the correct elevation to set on your Carryout Anser. Rotate the Anser to the correct elevation and lock it in!


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