Winegard TV Antenna Amplifier

TV Antenna Amplifiers

Extend the range and signal quality of your non-amplified digital HDTV antenna with a Winegard TV antenna amplifier. Winegard's ultra low-noise amplifiers offer maximum signal quality. Watch more free shows than ever before!

Winegard Boost TV Amplifier

Clear Circuit Technology

Boost Clear Circuit Technology features the lowest noise figure (1 dB typical) to deliver more range and reduce signal dropout and pixelation. The Boost enhances any non-amplified antenna!
Winegard Boost XT Twin Amp Technology

TwinAmp Technology

TwinAmp Technology separately amplifies VHF and UHF signals. This separation of bands increases signal handling capability for up to 10 times more and reduces intermodulation, thereby maintaining the purest signal path possible.
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