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Commitment to Quality

   Commitment to Quality

Winegard Company strives to design
and manufacture the highest quality,
longest-lasting antenna systems.
Winegard's commitment to delivering the highest quality, longest-lasting products drives the focus of the quality management system. Winegard's philosophy is to design quality into the product and the processes with the objective of integrating quality into all stages of the product lifecycle; Product Development, Production and Continuous Improvement.

Product Development
Continuous Improvement
  • New Product Introduction Process
  • Advanced Product Quality Planning
  • Supplier Development & Qualification
  • Manufacturing Yield
  • Process & Product Audits
  • Standard Work Instruction
  • Process Control Plans
  • Product Change Order
  • Customer Feedback
  • Corrective & Preventive Action System
  • Six Sigma Projects

"You cannot inspect quality into a product, it has to be designed and built into the product."
-Randy Winegard

As products are developed, there are gated processes that are adhered to which drive designs to be robust and reliable, and also manufacturable. Throughout the development process, the designs undergo rigorous performance, reliability, environmental, regulatory and packaging testing.

Transitioning product designs into the manufacturing phase brings them into the comprehensive quality system that ensures product quality. There are many activities ingrained in the Winegard system that are the foundation of product quality: product specific work instructions, incoming product inspection, daily process and product audits, product functional and live testing operations. It is Winegard's objective to ensure all customer requirements are met prior to shipment.

Continuous Improvement at Winegard is a mindset that is part of the overall business objective. There are resources and tools in place to drive continuous improvement including a corrective and preventive action system. There is a commitment to improve our products, processes, systems and methods in order to provide customers with the best products and services.

After a product is successfully launched, Quality continues to be a key focus at the manufacturing level as well as customer service.

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Continuous Improvement Initiatives
  • Six Sigma Black belts & Green belts on staff

  • Lean Manufacturing principles guide all efforts to achieve...

    • Waste free manufacturing
    • Continuous workplace organization (5S) to optimize productivity
    • Design cells for an uninterrupted process flow
    • Reduce and/or eliminate non-value added activities
    • Strong quality focus on error-free processing
    • Strive for reduction in set-up and changeover
    • Standardize work instructions
    • Adhere to total preventive maintenance on equipment and tooling
    • Perform Lean initiatives

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