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Winegard Company, Burlington Iowa

Winegard Company, incorporated in 1954, has been a leading manufacturer of quality television reception products for over 55 years. During those years, we have made important contributions to the growth and development of the television industry, becoming a respected world leader in the design of innovative, quality products.

Winegard Company enjoys a worldwide reputation, a reputation that has been built from our beginning and continues to grow. We count many "firsts" in the industry all-channel yagi TV antenna, 82 channel antenna, antenna mounted preamplifiers, antenna amplifiers, anodizing process, perforated aluminum satellite antenna, RV television antenna just to name a few!

Winegard Company currently manufactures and markets five distinct product lines: residential satellite television antennas and mounts, mobile television reception products, over the air rooftop and interior DTV/HDTV and VHF/UHF/FM TV antennas, reception products and accessories, certified medical telemetry antennas and accessories, and commercial VSAT 2-way internet antennas.

Winegard is now on the leading edge of manufacturing technology for digital and HDTV satellite antennas. Our facility is designed with equipment and processes to manufacture this product with speed and accuracy at a lower cost.

Winegard Company is moving toward the 60 year mark, and we see a bright and exciting future. As our design and manufacturing facilities continue to expand, Winegard will remain an industry leader in the TV reception product industry.
Winegard History

Winegard Company - We'll Be There
Since TV entered the American family room, to satellite television and emergence of VOIP, broadband and mobile communication, Winegard has been there with innovative reception products. As the world becomes more dependent on wireless communication, Winegard will be there.

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