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Learn how Winegard Company's
expert antenna design engineers
can customize any antenna to
fit your needs.
Winegard Company engineers are experts in antenna systems design with more than 1,000 different antenna models designed and 67 patents granted. In house design and manufacturing engineering expertise are consistently applied to develop new products that meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer. Finding solutions for unique needs or applications is our specialty and what truly sets Winegard Company apart from the competition.
Winegard Company Engineering Team
  • Software Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Integration Engineers
  • Packaging Engineers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
Winegard Company Engineering Capabilities
  • State-of-the-Art Software Design Simulation Tools
  • Quick Turn Prototype Modeling Capabilities
  • Premier Antenna Testing Equipment
Design for Manufacturability: Winegard Company designs each product with manufacturability, test and serviceability in mind. Using DFx principles Winegard is able to optimize all manufacturing functions while assuring industry leading quality, cost, time-to-market and customer satisfaction.

By designing products for manufacturability Winegard Company is able to use standardized parts, maximize the use of purchased parts and materials, create modular designs and standard design features to engineer a broad product line that is responsive to customer needs.

Engineering Quality into the Design Process: Winegard Company believes that quality cannot be inspected into a product and must be designed and engineered into a product from conception. To gain a competitive advantage and create the highest quality product Winegard places a significant emphasis on the design process.

Proprietary design verification and testing ensures quality, performance, and usability in Winegard's industry leading antennas.

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Engineering Quick Facts
  • Experts in Antenna Design since 1954

  • Awarded 67 Patents to Date

  • 32 Current U.S. and 2 International Patents
  • John Winegard, Inducted into the CES Hall of Fame

Industry Firsts
  • United States All Channel Yagi Antenna

  • Perforated Aluminum Satellite Antennas

  • RV Television Antenna

  • E-Coat Paint System for Mounts and Brackets

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