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Learn how Winegard Company is the
World's leading antenna manufacturer
through the use of the lean continuous
improvement model.
Winegard's manufacturing facility, featuring state-of-the-art high-speed automated manufacturing, assembly and packing equipment, operates under the lean continuous improvement model. This systematic approach to the elimination of process variation and waste continues to elevate quality, lower total cost, and shorten customer order fulfillment times to make Winegard a strong competitor in the global marketplace.
Antenna Manufacturers

An 800 ton and two 400 ton presses stamp out 36,000 tons of steel to produce 6 million reflectors annually.
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To optimize flow Winegard Company strives to tap into the knowledge and experience of all Winegard team members through a strategy which includes;
Winegard Company continues to lead the antenna manufacturing industry through the integreation of advanced production technologies and lean manufacturing.

Full Participation: Participation and support from all levels, departments and lead decision makers helps achieve consistent direction and support, training which supports the management of the corporate value streams, and a progression from involvement to empowerment to co-destiny.

Performance Feedback: A system that ensures information is collected and displayed to support fact-based decision making. This system includes carefully chosen metrics relevant to our value streams displayed visually and improvements tracked.

Process Predictability: The elimination of variation, rework, scrap and any other wastes which prevent the optimal flow of information and material. This requires a focus on quality at the source, a commitment to internal and external customers, real-time root cause analysis, and a culture of continuous improvement.

Information and Asset Management: Reducing order fulfillment lead time is the primary objective, achieved by managing our value streams using visual clues, reducing lot sizes to improve lead times, cellularizing work spaces to optimize information and material flow, and managing assets with a commitment to the value streams.

Winegard is committed to preserving the quality of the environment and performs impact studies throughout the product cycle and continually recycles raw materials during the manufacturing process.

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Winegard Company Facilities
  • 160,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing & Office

  • 125,000 sq. ft. Warehouse

  • 45,000 sq. ft. Engineering and R&D

Production Capabilities
  • Fabrication, pipe bending, powder coat, e-coat, stamping and SMT (electronic board assembly) performed in-house

  • 500,000 antennas manufactured monthly

  • Central geographic location provides for quicker lead times and rapid response to changing customer demands.

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