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History of Innovation 

Winegard Company has been a global
manufacturing leader of antenna
products since 1954.
Winegard Company was incorporated in 1954 after founder, John Winegard found success in designing and building outdoor TV antennas that later became the symbol of suburbia in the late 50's and 60's. In time, he went on to develop many other antennas, receiving numerous patents along the way for his innovations.

Winegard Company's commitment to innovation is demonstrated by the 67 patents that have been awarded. As Winegard moves forward, it will continue to be a leader in antenna design technology and carry on the innovative spirit that first started the company back in 1954.

In 2005, a few years after his passing, John Winegard was inducted into the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame, where his lifetime achievements as a pioneer in electronics were recognized.

Throughout the past fifty-five plus years, Winegard has expanded from strictly building VHF/UHF television antennas to being able to build nearly any antenna, on any frequency, for any application. All of this is possible because of the company's commitment to engineering expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that bring concept to creation.

Under the direction of Randy Winegard, son of founder John, Winegard Company continually leverages the R&D and quality commonalities, to share the best standard practices for technology and product applications. This has enabled Winegard to strengthen its position in current markets and to capitalize on new market opportunities for both the U.S. and abroad.

Just as diverse the markets that Winegard serves, the array of antenna technology Winegard designs and manufactures is also impressive. Winegard manufactures one way satellite and over-the-air antennas, wireless broadband and 2-way real-time broadband communications for remote locations along with mounts, brackets and other antenna accessories.
1955 - First All Channel US Antenna

1955 - Winegard Company Designed the First All Channel U.S. Antenna
First Antenna Winegard Company Recognized for Contributions to Apollo 11 Mission 1973 - First Antenna Designed Specifically for RVs 1980s - Winegard Company Begins Designing & Manufacturing C-Band Satellite Antennas 2004 - Winegard Company Begins Designing & Manufacturing 2-Way VSAT Antennas 2005 - Founder John Winegard Inducted into CEA Hall of Fame

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Key Industry Firsts for Winegard
  • First all channel yagi antenna
  • Perforated aluminum satellite antennas
  • RV television antenna
  • In-motion RV antenna
  • RV antenna compatible with DIRECTV HD programming
  • E-coat paint system for mounts and brackets

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